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All you need to know about Snickers Gloves

Posted by Alicon Astbury on

Your hands are the most important tools of your trade and should remain protected from the elements and from the work you do. However, not every work glove protects you in the same way so have a look at our guide below to find out which snickers gloves are the best ones for you!

Weather Protection Gloves

weather protection gloves

When you are working in construction and carpentry you never know if you are going to be inside or outside a building. When your job takes you outside in the winter your fingers can get extremely cold with regular carpenter's gloves. This could create short and long term issues to your circulation, as well as extreme discomfort and inability to work properly. Weather Flex Snickers gloves, such as Weather Flex Grip, offer you protection from the elements and the ability to work effectively. They are durable all-round winter work gloves with brushed inside for good insulation and high comfort, while back sides are not dipped for improved ventilation. They are half coated with latex have a grip pattern for outstanding grip in dry and wet situations.

Precision Gloves

Precision gloves, such as Precision Flex Light, are very light and flexible to ensure comfort and protection to the user while doing precision work. Snickers’ Precision Flex technology is improved with extra fingertip feeling for precision work and is palm coated with Polyurethane for a secure grip. Secure protection is ensured with their knuckle protection, cushioning and reinforcement prints. They offer the best combination of protection and dexterity for you to succeed in your precision work.

Power Gloves

power gloves

Power gloves, such as Power Core, offer you maximum protection for your hands during heavy duty work such as carrying, loading and tearing. Snicker’s curved design and amazing grip ensure enhanced working comfort and effortlessness. They are also perfect for dry and wet situations because of their water resistance and their superior grip, as well as protecting your hands from cold weather. Check out our variety of smartphone compatible power gloves, so you can check your phone while staying protected!

Specialised Tool Gloves

specialised work gloves

Our specialised gloves are designed and constantly optimised for specific tasks. Specialised tool gloves are tight fitted with supportive gel padding and silicon pattern at palm side for precision work and optimised tool grip. They are also developed with ventilation holes and elastic sections to ensure comfort and flexibility. Specialised impact gloves on the other hand are designed to protect your fingers from impact injuries with maximised protection on the exposed areas and a thin durable palm material to provide dexterity.

Regardless of the type of work you do, at Snickershop we can help you with our wide collection of work gloves. Find the best one to fit your needs!

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