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Not just Workwear!

Posted by Alicon Astbury on

Snickershop offers a variety of products to satisfy the workwear needs of many men and women. However, we also offer amazingly comfortable, high quality and stylish Snickers casual wear. Don’t compromise comfort and high-quality products while off work or meeting a client, have a look at our amazing deals.

Snickers hoodies

Snickers workwear hoodies

All our Snickers workwear hoodies are warm, robust, extremely comfortable and with reinforced elbows to ensure durability. They are perfect for company profiling, as well as to be used outside of work. They are available in many colours and styles so have a look at our Snickers workwear hoodies collection and find your favourite one.

Snickers Shorts

Snickers Workwear shorts

Beat the heat with our Snickers shorts and be comfortable on and off site. All our snickers shorts are made of super-light yet durable rip-stop fabric, featuring pockets, including holster pockets and phone compartment. They are designed with durability and versatility in mind so have a look at our great snickers shorts collection and find your favourite pair.

Snickers Shirts

Snickers Shirts

Find your everyday favourites by having a look at our great Snickers workwear shirt collection. We have everything from long sleeves, T-shirts, Polos and shirts to keep you warm, fresh and comfortable on and off site.

Snickers Jackets

Snickers Workwear Jackets

Work and play outdoors, feel like you’re indoors, with our Snickers workwear jackets. They protect you from rain, storms and snow, as well as being extremely comfortable and flexible perfect for any activity.

So there you have four of our stylish products that you can use as workwear and as casual wear. Make sure you check out our website and find the different colours, models and sizes of your favourite Snickers clothes.

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