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Snickers Tool Carriers

Posted by Alicon Astbury on

Craftsmen all over the world know about the importance of tool carriers. Since you are always on the move from one site to another or constantly juggling different areas of the house, you need to have your tools handy at all times. Snickers tool carriers are designed to ensure functionality and comfort, meaning having your tools handy has never been so easy.

From tool-bag to tool-backpack

Snickers tool backpack

Our flexible and ergonomic backpack is revolutionising the way you think about tool carriers. It is extremely light and durable meaning you will only have to carry the weight of your tools. As you carry it on your shoulders, it will leave your hands free to work or climb a ladder; this means our great backpack ensures functionality as well as safety!

Our tool backpacks also sport:

  • Padded back and straps for superior comfort
  • Foldable, rubber-clad aluminium handle to access all your tools and ensure steady carrying
  • Hard-wearing bottom in rubber-plastic to avoid it sliding around in the car or leaving marks on the floor
  • Elastic cords inside for easy storage

Electrician's Toolbelt

Snickers Electrician's Toolbelt

Toolbelts are yet another great way to carry your tools in an efficient and functional way as they ensure your hands will be free to concentrate on your safety and your work, while also having all your tools handy at all times.

Our electrician tool belts feature:

  • Ergonomic design with an innovative and flexible pouch attachment system
  • Padded braces that are adjustable and removable to suit your specific needs
  • Compartments and loops for screwdrivers, pliers, utility knife, voltmeter and hammer for functionality
  • Robust and innovative aluminium buckle designed for easy opening and closing to ensure safety and efficiency

Carpenter's Toolbelt

Snickers Electrician's toolbelt

Similarly to the electrician’s tool belt, the carpenter’s tool belt edition leaves your hands free from trouble while your tools remain firmly in place. All our tool carriers are specific to the job you are doing and this tool belt is no different. It features:

  • Reinforcements in curved design with an innovative and flexible pouch attachment system
  • Soft padding for enhanced working comfort
  • Special carpenter’s leather tool pouch with compartments and loops, including a hammer holder, knife attachment buttons and pen compartment
  • Two durable leather nail & screw pouches with angled design and wide openings for easy access
  • Robust and innovative aluminium buckle designed for easy opening and closing

Count on Snickers Workwear to help you out with your tools! All our tool carriers are designed with functionality, safety and your job in mind. Have a look at our tool carriers collection and don’t be caught without your tools again.

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